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/Who Am I

Goal focused marketing executive with 15 years of progressive technical, creative, and managerial marketing responsibilities. Consistent track record of hitting growth targets through strategic vision, planning, and accountability. Data driven marketing technologist with a solid understanding of the digital assets needed to execute marketing strategies and build better customer experiences.  Skilled communicator capable of connecting with internal stakeholders and external audiences in a variety of mediums. Respected as a dynamic leader skilled at building, developing, and leading effective teams.

Career Stats

15years of experience
52employees managed
68averaged percent growth of annual campaigns
3.3average years of service per employer

Core Competencies

/What I do best

I’ve based my career on becoming a rare breed of professional; someone who’s equally footed on creative, technical, and business landscapes, but who also possess the all-important soft skills needed to leverage functional knowledge in the workplace. I’ve done this through focusing on the following six core competencies.


I’ve worked across consumer experience, usability, and market research to truly understand customers, how to communicate to them, and their role in product development process, translating both qualitative and quantitative data into solutions.


At the center of any successful organization is a solid product. I’ve long worked in an environment that bridges product and marketing, allowing me to both directly influence product development while and communicating that value to customers.


Having spent the last eight years in tech oriented companies, I understand the processes, platforms, capabilities, and constraints of development teams. Doing so is important to a well functioning product-marketing ecosystem.


Outside of an MBA, I’ve invested substantial time and energy into mastering business management practices. I’m experienced in budgeting and forecasting at sixteen month and five-year levels, strategic planning, market research, and organizational management.


I draw upon my creativity to effectively solve problems, to generate new concepts, or to master the message I want to convey. From product and branding to direct response ads that hook customers, I’ve done quite a bit – all left-handed.


To me, being an effective leader requires the courage to confront obstacles head-on, to communicate openly, to seek feedback, and to be accountable. I’ve spent my career refining the soft skills needed to wake up each day and take on the challenge of leadership.


/Our Journal

Business Acumen
Mar 24

3 Cost Driven Reasons Why You need to be a Smarter Marketer in 2014

If you’ve worked in digital marketing for a while, you’ve probably noticed something as of late – overall costs are going up, up, up. As the online advertising ecosystem matures,…

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Channel Forecasting Explained

For organizations that have sizable marketing budgets to spend, the question of how to accurately forecast a year or more of growth can be a daunting task. When I first…

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Mar 17
Jun 19

Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy

Last week I spoke on the subject of Content Marketing vs. Content Strategy at the San Diego Interactive Marketing Meetup.  With access to fast and cheep means of publishing content,…

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What makes a good infographic?

Though not new concept by any means, the infographic has become a very popular asset to both marketers and publisher over the last few years.  "Popular" could also be refereed…

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Nov 2
Mar 29

Coaxing The Big Picture on Search out of SES NYC

Thursday concluded the final day of the Search Engine Strategies conference in New York City. On tap were the usual topics; architecture, enterprise seo, search+social, how to get out of…

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SEO: Role or Skill in 2013 and Beyond

In advance of the Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference next week in New York City, I wanted to share some thoughts about a question I'll be asking most over my…

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Mar 24
Product Focus
Sep 18

5 Common Usability Issues Every Site Should Tackle

Usability design, and UX research in particular, have become hot topics over the last few years. As the web matures, businesses have been discovering what value usability plays in their…

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Dec 30
2016 Digital Marketing Trends

5 Trends Driving Digital Marketing in 2016

  There is a common thread running through the heart of digital marketing trends today – ever increasing technology and complexity.   The effect these have had on digital can…

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Pubcon 2012 Technical SEO Highlights

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Oct 19

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